Pigstock: Camp Charcuterie

(All classes take place at The Hagerty Center)


Camp Charcuterie is a specialized, whole carcass butchery and charcuterie workshop tailored to assisting industry professionals to implement elegant and sustainable meat programs in their restaurants, farms, and businesses. During the three day workshop, lead by a team of four experts, participants will gain deep knowledge and hands-on experience with an Old World approach to European butchery and charcuterie supported by a validated, New World HACCP Food Safety standards and business practices.

Camp Charcuterie Highlights:

NEW JUST ADDED! Sunday-only demonstration and lecture with Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman

  • Understand the USDA and exempt slaughter requirements for retail sale
  • Learn and practice French and American styles of butchery for charcuterie
  • Learn current Food Safety standards for butchering and production of charcuterie
  • Discover a 6 week timeline for whole carcass charcuterie from slaughter to sales
  • Learn the HACCP standards for the four categories of charcuterie: fresh sausage, whole muscle, cooked pates and fermented dried sausage.
  • Get hands on experience making noix de jambon, ventreche, pate en croute and saucisson
  • Discover new cold fermentation techniques for curing safely
  • Learn from and alongside like-minded colleagues and experts creating a working network of farmers, producers and restaurateurs

Sunday, October 16th

Demonstration and Lecture with Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman

2:30 PM— Registration

3:00 PM— Demonstration with Polcyn & Ruhlman on butchery and charcuterie

5:00 PM— Demonstration Ends

6:00 PM— Dinner TBD

Monday, October 17th

The Business of Whole Carcass Charcuterie

8:30 AM — Registration and light breakfast

9:30 AM

  • Welcome to Camp! Meet the Team and Participants-  Kate, Dr. P, Dom, Nathan
  • Video- “Seed to Sausage- This is Charcuterie!” A 12-15 minute introduction to French pigs & farmstead charcuterie
  • Introduction to our program- the three-day outline
  • Techniques: the Elements of Charcuterie- meat, salt, smoke, time and temperature.
  • The Entrepreneurship Business of Whole Carcass Charcuterie 
  • Food Safety: Introduction and pre-steps of HACCP
  • Business: Introduction to Understanding Whole Carcass Cost Analysis
  • Butchery: demonstration of whole carcass breakdown for charcuterie

12:30 PM — Brian Polcyn & Michael Ruhlman presentation during lunch

1:30 PM    Polcyn & Ruhlman depart

1:30 PM

  • Butchery: Student hands-on carcass break down ( teams of 3 per half carcass) into primals
  • Butchery: Isolating sub-primals and trimming for whole muscle, salt-curing: noix de jambon, filet sec, ventreche, coppa, (1 leg demo)
  • Techniques: Salting demonstration and hands-on whole muscle salting by weight, including loin for rillettes and confit
  • Food Safety: What’s an SOP? Approved supplier SOP
    • 5 pre-steps of HACCP and HACCP documentation
    • Process flow diagrams

    • Business: Whole carcass cost analysis: weighing and accounting

    • Entrepreneurial business + food safety 

5:30 PM — Class concludes

6:30 PM —  Dinner and drinks at Little Fleet (cost not included, but beverages sponsorsed by New Holland Brewing)


Tuesday, October 18th

Value Added Products- The Fifth Quarter 

8:00 AM — Light breakfast

9:00 AM

  • Products: value added products: Le Cinq- a value-added terrine using heads, hocks, and trotters- begin cooking (4 hr)
  • Business: introduction to business planning for whole carcass utilization 
  • Food Safety: hazards-  physical and biological
  • Butchery: hands on shoulder primal break down
  • Techniques: grinding and stuffing
  • Products: fresh sausage- saucisse de Toulouse, merguez, paupiettes, crepinettes

12:30 PM — Lunch break

1:30 PM

  • Products: finish Le Cinq terrine
  • Food Safety: chemical hazards, nitrites + nitrates; curing, conditions
  • Products: dried sausage- saucissons, saucisse seche- ham meat trimming ( 1 leg demo)
  • Business: introduction to the 6-week timeline. N & K

4:00 PM — Class Concludes

6:30 PM — Dinner at Trattoria Stella Pigstock / New Holland Brewing Dinner (cost not included- details on reservations to follow)

Wednesday, October 19th


8:00 AM — Light breakfast

9:00 AM

  • Butchery: Valuing the bottom trim; sort all trim into two categories- pate, fat, and rind
  • Technique: grind trim for pate and fat for grattons
  • Product: rillettes from reserved salted loin (cook 2 h) 
  • Product: fricandeaux, pate and pate en croute- cook 2 hours
  • Product: grattons and lard rendering- cook 2-3 hours
  • Business: value added pricing
  • Food safety- Ingredients, suppliers, risk, HACCP category and process flow diagrams for cooked charcuterie products

12:30 — Lunch break

1:30 PM

  • Products: Grattons + lard (see above). 
  • Product: Jambon de Campagne, whole country ham, trimming, salting and curing demo (1 leg demo)
  • Product Hands-on: tie, net, and finish whole muscle- noix de jambon, ventreche, coppa, filet sec
  • Food safety: Ingredients, suppliers, risk, HACCP category and process flow diagrams for whole muscle charcuterie products

3:30 PM

  • Butchery: recap of whole carcass butchery and charcuterie methods 
  • Business: Final cost analysis-  we need a real $ and weight for the pig we demo on and transform
  • Food Safety: monitoring
  • Food Safety: What next? HACCP Certification information
  • Q & A with Team Charcuterie

5:00 PM — Class Concludes

6:00 PM — Pigstock Finale Dinner (included)

10:00 PM — Post-dinner celebration at Little Fleet  (cost not included)