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What is Pigstock TC?

Pigstock TC is a three-day course focused on teaching whole animal use while fostering appreciation for the Mangalitsa hog, a heritage breed with growing national recognition.  

From breeding and raising these unique animals, to "whole animal" processing (serving nose to tail), and finally producing world-class salumi and charcuterie products, Pigstock TC is the only event of its kind. 

Participants learn from culinary experts the vast differences in fat content and muscle between the Mangalitsa, other breeds, such as the Berkshire/ Duroc, and commercial/market breeds, plus much more.


Pigstock 2013 was a great culinary experience that really speaks to chefs and the reasons we're in this business. Working and learning side by side with Cristoph and Isabella was amazing, the passion that they have for food is tremendous. Chef Polcyn demonstrated how important fresh products, careful preparation and a love for what you do leads to success in the kitchen. 

In this day and age of on-the- go and mass produced foods, PigstockTC was a great eye opener to what really matters when it comes to REAL food and the passion we have for what we do!

Paolo Stefani, Chef, Aramark H.E.


Class Highlights

• How to make sausages and organ cooking
• How to break down and seam butcher a pig
• How to make dry-cure hams and sausages

NEW THIS YEAR: A certified HACCP auditor will advise during the charcutuerie production, organ meat use, and cut meat and out line the business and food safety considerations that you need to know so you can take the info back home and make whole animal production profitable for your business.

Who Should Attend

Attendees range from chefs, butchers and farmers to the advance home chef. Pigstock TC is ideal for anyone interested in understanding whole animal use, and learning from experts charcuterie practices and the many uses for all parts of the animal. 

Pigstock TC Dinner

The final evening of Pigstock TC festivities features the Pigstock TC Dinner, a fundraiser for Taste the Local Difference. On Wednesday, October 21st, the annual dinner held at The Hagerty Center presents a night of all things pork. Each dish prepared by all-star local chefs will feature different parts of the pig and local ingredients to complement each.  As an additional treat, each course is expertly paired with a local wine or beverage. This seven-course dinner showcases some of the best local talent all in one room, which you won't want to miss.

Pigstock TC's 6th Anniversary 

For five years we've been bringing together chefs and culinary professionals from across the midwest.

We are so pleased to annouce the addition of Camas Davis, Kate Hill and Dominique Chapolard to our stellar line up of instructors.  

Also new this year, we have added a certified HACCP instructor, Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel. She will make sure that attendees know what they need to do to take these best practices back from Pigstock TC.

No where in the world can you have access to such amazing all-stars in the industry!

Haven't been before?  Ready to come back? Pigstock TC 2015 is the year to join us in Traverse City for this event that's like no other.

Come help us celebrate our 6th anniversary!