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What is Pigstock TC?

Pigstock TC is an intimate, four-day, hands-on, field-to-fork workshop dedicated to all things pig. Set against the dramatic fall colors and rolling landscape of Traverse City, Michigan, this unique annual gathering, sponsored and organized by Cherry Capital Foods since 2010, fosters a greater appreciation for responsible meat production and consumption, heritage pig breeds, humane animal harvest, whole animal utilization, and traditional meat preservation. We start with live pigs and we end with bacon.

Over the course of four days, a talented group of international instructors teaches participants how to humanely slaughter an animal, how to butcher whole carcasses, and how to utilize every part for food. They learn how to transform pig bellies into bacon, legs muscles into ham, fatback into lardo, and liver into pâté. They learn the art of salami making and the secrets to a perfect prosciutto. And in the process, they learn how to safely, successfully, and profitably incorporate these techniques into their own food-related careers.

Good wine, delicious beer, and plenty of amazing food flow throughout the event and everyone leaves with a hefty share of good meat for their larder back home. Pigstock TC is the modern day harvest party we wish our grandparents still had. Join us!


Pigstock 2013 was a great culinary experience that really speaks to chefs and the reasons we're in this business. Working and learning side by side with Cristoph and Isabella was amazing, the passion that they have for food is tremendous. Chef Polcyn demonstrated how important fresh products, careful preparation and a love for what you do leads to success in the kitchen. 

In this day and age of on-the- go and mass produced foods, PigstockTC was a great eye opener to what really matters when it comes to REAL food and the passion we have for what we do!

Paolo Stefani, Chef, Aramark H.E.



Pigstock TC's 6th Anniversary 

For five years we've been bringing together chefs and culinary professionals from across the midwest.

We are so pleased to announce the return of Camas Davis, Kate Hill, Dominique Chapolard, Brian Polcyn, and Isabell & Christoph Weisner to our stellar line up of instructors.  

Also on staff this year, we have certified HACCP instructor, Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel. She will make sure that attendees know what they need to do to take these best practices back from Pigstock TC.

Nowhere in the world can you have access to such amazing all-stars in the industry!

Haven't been before?  Ready to come back? Pigstock TC 2015 is the year to join us in Traverse City for this event that's like no other.

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