About Pigstock


Pigstock: Camp Charcuterie Class Highlights

  • Understand the USDA and exempt slaughter requirements for retail sale

  • Learn and practice French and American styles of butchery for charcuterie

  • Learn current Food Safety standards for butchering and production of charcuterie

  • Discover a 6 week timeline for whole carcass charcuterie from slaughter to sales

  • Learn the HACCP standards for the four categories of charcuterie: fresh sausage, whole muscle, cooked pates and fermented dried sausage.

  • Get hands on experience making noix de jambon, ventrèche, pâté en croute and saucisson

  • Discover new cold fermentation techniques for curing safely

  • Learn from and alongside like-minded colleagues and experts creating a working network of farmers, producers and restaurateurs.

About Your Hosts:


Combining the principles of local food efforts with resilient food economies, Cherry Capital Foods works with growers, vendors, and institutions to build a food system with an emphasis on safe and secure food production, processing, distribution and consumption that leads to resiliency. PigstockTC is the cornerstone event of our mission to increase access to local, specialized proteins.

Earthy Delights has been America's premier supplier of specialty foods to quality-conscious American chefs for nearly 30 years. Earthy Delights pioneered the use of overnight delivery to get fresh produce from the farm to the kitchen in the shortest time possible, becoming leaders in bringing wild-harvested and handcrafted foods from small harvesters and growers to a larger audience.




Who Should Attend

This workshops are meant for professionals working in food-related businesses—restaurants, butcher shops, farms, grocery stores, bars, breweries, etc.—who want to learn how to safely and successfully incorporate responsible meat sourcing as well as whole animal butchery and utilization into their business models.

Pigstock: Camp Charcuterie workshop will be at the professional level.  In order to give students an intimate, hands-on experience, the workshop will be limited to 24 attendees.